WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2019 ✅ [STEP BY STEP] ?

Hi everyone, it’s Chet here from WebsiteWizard.tv.
In this wordpress tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create an awesome-looking website
using WordPress, step-by-step, from start to finish. Now it doesn’t matter if you’ve
never used WordPress before, or you’ve never set up a website before, because I’m going
to show you how to do everything in this video. So just follow along and apply the steps,
and you’ll have your website up in no time. This right here is what the finished website’s
going to look like. And as you can see, it’s a really cool-looking site. We’ve got a slider
on the homepage here. And this logo right here, this is part of the logo kit we’re giving
away at the moment. So if you want that, and you get a few others as well, then you can
grab that on WebsiteWizard.tv. Now over here we’ve got the About page. This
is where you can talk about yourself or your website and add a graphic right here. We’ve
also got a search box here, and then a contact page. Now on the contact page we’ve got a
contact form built in, so if anyone wants to email you from the website they can do
that right here. You can also list your phone number and address if you like. And then right here I’ve got a features page,
which lists the different features. Now if you want you can list your skills here, or
you can list services, or whatever you want. And then if you go back to the homepage, if
you see down here, these are the features again. And I’ve linked these back to these
pages here. So if you click one of these it will link to the page right here. Now on the pages as well we can also enable
comments. I haven’t done it right here, but I’ll show you how to do that in the tutorial.
And also this slider right here, we can put either a graphic here or a video, so that’s
up to you. And the best part of this website is that
it’s going to be completely responsive. So what that means is it doesn’t matter screen
size you’re viewing the website from, whether it’s a Smartphone or a tablet such as an iPhone
or an iPad, the size of the website will respond so you can see everything perfectly. And I’ll
just show you that right now. So as you can see right here, the website’s responded now.
And you can see exactly how it will look when you’re viewing this from a Smartphone. And
you can see everything clearly right here. And we’ve got this cool little navigation
menu right here. So that’s it. And one thing I forgot to mention is that
we’re also going to add some social icons down below here. At the moment I’ve just put
a Facebook one, but you can also put a YouTube, Twitter and a few others as well. So you’re probably wondering, well why WordPress?
WordPress powers around twenty percent of the websites online. Large organizations and
celebrities like eBay, Yahoo, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, all use WordPress. WordPress
is super SEO friendly. And so Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines all love a
WordPress site. And we’re going to cover this in the video. And I’m going to show you how
to set up your website for maximum exposure in the search engines. Okay before we get started let’s just talk
a little bit about how much it’s going to cost. WordPress is a free and open source
software. However, to get a website online you need two things: a domain name and web
hosting. The domain name is simply the website name, for example Facebook.com. The web hosting
is the place where you store your website so people can visit it online. The domain
name will cost around fifteen dollars a year, and the web hosting will cost around ten dollars
a month. And every website online has these costs. However, I’m going to show you a coupon
code in the video so you can get 25% off for your web hosting. And that’s it. We’re going
to build a website ourselves in this video, so you don’t need to pay a web developer thousands
of dollars to build a site for you. Let’s get started! So the first step to getting
our website online is to grab our domain name and our web hosting. And we can do both of
them over at HostGator here. Now HostGator is one the popular ones. And I’ve been with
them for over four years now, and they’re just perfect for beginners. When I started
out, I started off with HostGator. And they’ve got 24-hour support, where you can call any
time of the day, or you’ve got their live chat here. And I’ve always used the live chat.
I’ve never actually had to ring them. And live chat is just perfect. They always solve
your problems, and I’ve learned a lot just by talking to their live chat here. So I recommend
them for the beginners out there. Now what we want to do is choose our hosting
plan. Now we don’t need the business plan here, but we can choose between the Hatchling
and the Baby plan. Now the price difference between them is not much is at all. And with
the Baby plan, you can host unlimited websites. So if you’re going to have more than two or
three websites, then you only have to pay the one price here for the hosting, whereas
with the hatchling plan you’re only allowed to host one website. So it’s a better offer
here to go with the Baby plan, because the price difference is not much. Now you can ever do, if you choose to pay
yearly you can get a bigger discount here. However I would recommend, if you’re just
starting out then just grab the monthly one. So that way you’re not tied into any long-term.
Okay so if you just choose the, select monthly here then, and then click Order Now. I’ve left a link below the video, so if you
want to navigate straight to the correct hosting package, then you can use the link below the
video. So the first thing we want to do now is we
want to click Register a New Domain. Now I’m assuming you don’t already have a domain name.
If you do then just click this one here. So we’re going to click Register a New Domain,
and we’re going to choose our website name. Now for example I’m just going to use here,
myveryfirstwebsite, and the .com is selected by default. Now as you can see, the .com is
not available here. However they’re suggesting some alternatives down here which are available,
such as the .net, the .org, and .info and .biz. So if you want to go for the .net then
you can select the available one. Or you may, if you really want a .com, then you can try
another website name here. Okay so for example purposes I’m just going to select this .net
so we can move on. Okay, so our hosting package has already been
selected here from earlier. So we’ve got the Baby plan and the one month. So let’s scroll
down. So you now want to choose a user name and a security pin. Now you want to make sure
you note these down somewhere, or just make sure you remember them, because you’re going
to need them. Okay so you now want to enter your billing
information here. So you want to enter an email, first name and last name, address,
and contact telephone number. And then you can either choose to pay by credit card or
PayPal. I always choose PayPal here. Now you want to make sure you enter a valid email
address and contact number, because once you sign up they’re going to send you a welcome
email which is going to contain all of your important login information. Okay so by default they add on all these extras
here which will add in extra costs. So just make sure you uncheck all of these here, as
we don’t need any of these. Right, and also by default a coupon code is applied here.
However I’m going to give you another coupon code which will get you an even bigger discount.
And I’ll put a link to that below the video as well. So the coupon code you want to use
here is FlowerPower. And once you’ve typed that in you want to just hit validate, and
that’s it. As you can see here the total price has dropped all the way down to thirteen dollars
now. So to finish up just click to confirm here, and click Create Account. Once you click
Create Account, you’ll be taken to a welcome page which will inform you that you’re going
to get a welcome email. So once you receive your welcome email, you
will have important information there such as your hosting account information, and also
your login information. So when you receive your welcome email, this
is what it’s going to look like. And you want to note down three things here: your control
panel URL, your username, and your password. So what you want to do is just click this
control panel URL here to open that link in the web browser. And then what we’re going
to do is just login with your username and password. So let’s do that now. So what we want to do now is we want to log
into our hosting account so that we can set up our WordPress website. Now after you’ve
clicked the control panel link in your welcome email you should be on a page like this right
here. So all you need to do is use the username and password in that email to log in right
here. So I’m going to pause the video while I log in. Okay, so we’ve now logged into our hosting
account and we’re in the control panel here, which is often sometimes referred to as the
C panel. Now don’t be overwhelmed, because there’s a lot of things here, but you’re not
going to use any of these. There’s only a couple of things that you’d use in here anyway,
so don’t worry about that. So what you want to do is scroll down to Software and Services,
and click on Quick Install. Right, now you want to go to Blog Software and click on WordPress.
And then click Continue. Okay so you now want to put in your email
address here, and make sure you choose a good email here. Now this is the email address
that’s going to receive the login details, so make sure you’ve put in a valid email here.
Right, for the blog title just put your website name here. And then choose a username here
and just fill in your names. Right, when you’ve finished just click Install. Okay if you scroll down here you can see the
website has now been set up. And it’s got our username here which we entered up here,
and then it’s given us a password. So just make sure you note these down somewhere. And
then also it’s given us the login URL here. Now this is the URL you’re going to visit
when you want to log into your website. So let’s just note all three of these down here.
So I’m just going to copy my password here. And then I’m going to click on a link here
to bring us to the website login. So go ahead and do that now. Okay so now we’ve reached the login page for
our website. Now if you don’t see this login page right here, and you’re seeing some kind
of an error message, then that’s perfectly normal. All it means is that your new domain
name that you registered is propagating. Now that can take a couple of hours. So just wait
for that few hours or so and then try to visit that link again, and you should be seeing
this login page right here. Okay so I’m now going to log into the website here.
And that’s it, we’re now logged into the back end of our website. So we’re now going to set up the theme. So
let me just show you a brief of what we’re going to do. So the first thing we’re going
to do here is we’re going to set up the theme. Now what the theme is, is it gives a website
its overall appearance. So you can think of themes in WordPress as like an iPhone. With
an iPhone you’ve got the default appearance. However, you can use skins to give the iPhone
a completely different look. So that’s basically what themes are in WordPress. You can completely
change the look of an existing website just by changing a theme. The theme we’re going
to be using the in this website is the Traffica theme. So that’s traffic with an a on the
end. So let’s go ahead and start doing that now. So the first thing we want to do is come
on over to Appearance, and then click on Themes here. Okay so you now want to click on Add New here.
And then you want to use a search box here. So type Traffica here and then hit enter.
And as you can see, we’ve got the Traffica theme listed here. So then you want to, you
can even preview it, but I’m just going to install it because I know what it looks like.
So I’m going to hit Install there, and then click Activate. So the Traffica theme is now
live on our website. So I’m just going to go ahead and show you what that looks like.
So to preview your website you just come on over here, hover there, and you can even click
this, but what I like to do is I like to right click here and click open in new tab.
So as you can see, this is what our site currently looks like. And we’re going to go ahead and
make changes to customize all our pages and the text here, and the images etcetera. So
let’s just come back to here. So let’s go ahead and start creating the pages
for our website. So I just open this up here, and we’ve now installed a Traffica theme,
so I’ll go ahead and check that off. So we now here want to install the pages. So let’s
go ahead and start doing that now. So we want to start customizing the homepage
of our theme now. So if you click back here on this tab, with our theme preview, we’re
going to start customizing all the stuff here. So first thing we really want to do is upload
a website logo. So let’s just go back here, and then go into Themes, and then Theme Options.
So as you can see right here, we’ve got a few options available. So the first thing
you can do is upload a custom website logo. So I’m going to hit Upload Image and Website
Logo. So I’ll just show you quickly what that looks like. So if you just scroll down to
the bottom of the page and click Save All Changes. So now we move back to our tab here,
and then hit refresh. As you can see, we’ve now got the website logo there. Now as I mentioned
before, you can grab this logo on our website, WebsiteWizard.tv, and there’s also a few others
as well there. Now let me just head back to the Theme Options. So let’s just scroll down. The next thing
we want to do is we want to come in to slider settings. So what this is here, let me just
go back to the website, then we customize this part of the website here. So first slide
image, so let’s just go ahead and choose that now. So I’m going to click this one, the tablet
one. Okay now that’s uploaded, so I’ll just go ahead and show you what that’s going to
look like. So I’ll scroll down to the bottom, click Save All Changes, then go over here
to the second tab, and refresh the page. Now you can see image is right here. So I’ll go
back into the theme options. So the next thing we want to do is give our
first slider its heading. So I’ll just show you what that is, and also a description.
So I’ll just quickly show you. So this is the slider heading, and this right here is
the slider description. So let’s go ahead and customize that now. I’ve already got this
information saved so, just to make things a bit quicker. So I’ll just grab that now.
So here we go Slider Settings. So the first slide I’ve used the image. So here’s my heading,
so I’m just going to copy that, and then paste that in here. So that’s the slider heading,
and then I’ll grab the description as well. So I’ll grab the slider description, copy
that, and paste that here. And then you can also customize the slider button text. So
if I just show you that. That’s this Get Started button right here. So I’m going to change
that and give it, I’m going to call it Learn More instead. So I’ll copy that and scroll
down and paste that there. Now can also choose the destination URL for
that button. At the moment we haven’t created any pages, so I’m going to leave that blank.
But once we create some pages I’m going to put the link right here, so when people click
that button it goes to the correct page. Right, so I’m also going to do the second slide image
here. Or actually let me just update that. I’ll click Save All Changes, and then I’ll
refresh the page here, just to show you what that looks like before I do the second slider.
So that’s it. So we’ve got the image here, we’ve got the title here, we’ve got out description
here, and the Learn More button. Okay so I’ll go ahead and do the second slider
which if you click this right here, this is the second slider. We’ve got to do this one
now. So let’s go back to the theme settings, and up to here, second slider. Right, want
to choose image here so click upload image. If we can find the second image here, success,
and upload that. So now that’s uploading. I’m also going to put in the heading and the
description. And again the same button text. So let me just grab that now from my document
here. So we’ve uploaded the Success image. I’ll grab the heading here and paste that
in here. And then I’ll also grab the description and paste that right here. And then the button
text we’re going to keep that consistent, so I’ll just copy Learn More from here, and
paste that there. And then just hit Save All Changes and then head on over to the website
and click refresh. And there we go. We’ve got our first slider here, we have our custom
title and description, image and our button text. And if we click the next button here,
we’ve got our second custom image, and our custom title description and button text here. Now at the moment these links aren’t pointing
anywhere, but we’re going to fix that later. So now I’m going to go to the Home Page Featured
area tab, so click that. So now I’m going to start customizing this content. Let me
just minimize this for a second. So we’ve done the Slider Settings page, so I’m just
going to close this out, and now I’m going to open up Home Page featured image. Now this
is just the content that I’ve pre-written just to speed up the tutorial here. So let’s
open, maximize this again. So first, now we’re looking at Home Page sub heading here. So
I’m just going to grab that from the text document. And I’ll just copy that, and then
paste that here. So what I’ll do, is I’ll just save this, just to show you what that
is. So Save All Changes, then head on over to the site, click refresh, and now you can
see. So what we’ve created here is this custom content right here. Ok so I’ll now go back
to the site. And if you wanted to customize this right here, this heading right here,
I’m leaving it as it is because it’s relevant to the website I’m creating here in this example.
But if you wanted to change this part here, then you’d just change out this part here,
Main Heading. Okay so now I’m going to continue, so I’ll
just minimize this. So first featured image, I’ll just tell you what this is first. So
I’ll show you here on the website. We’ve got, these are the featured images here, so this
is the first featured image. Second featured image, third, fourth and this is the title
and description for each featured image. So let’s go ahead and start customizing that
now. So if I scroll down, so here we go, first featured image. So for the images, I’m just
going to leave those as the default ones here, but you can actually go ahead and customize
those images if you like. And the way you do that is you just come here, click Upload
Image, and then simply select your image. It’s as simple as that. So, I’m going to leave the images as they
are, but I’m just going to customize the heading and description here. So I’m going to grab
that from the text document I’ve got. So the first heading is going to be this. So I’ll
copy that, paste that right here in first featured heading, and I’ll grab the description
as well, and copy that and paste that here. And now for the link, again, because I haven’t
created the pages yet, I’m going to leave these blank. And once I’ve created the pages,
I’ll then come back here and make the changes. So I’ll just go ahead and do the… actually
let me just first show you, I’ll just, before I do the other featured images I’ll just go
ahead and save this, so you can see exactly what it’s doing here. So I’ve saved the changes
there. As you can see, the new heading I selected was Easy to Follow Video Tutorials, and then
the description: we walk you through step by step, making everything a breeze. So now
let’s just go over to the website here, click refresh, and this is what the title was originally.
And I’ve changed the title to Easy to Follow Video Tutorials. And then here’s our custom
description here. So I’ll go ahead and do the second, third
and fourth custom images there. So I’ll head back and scroll down to second featured image
here. So I’m leaving the images as they are. So I’m just going to go over here to heading,
second featured heading. So I’ll just grab that from the text document here. So I’ll
copy the heading here, and then paste that right there. And copy the description, and
then paste that right there. And then I’ll do the third featured area. So we’ll grab
the heading for that, which is right here, copy that, and paste that there, and grab
the description, and copy that, paste that in. And then finally the fourth one, which
is fourth featured heading, grab that and paste that here. And then finally the description.
So we’ll go ahead and paste that, and then save all changes, go back here to the website. As you can see, these are the original titles,
descriptions for the featured areas. So when I hit refresh here, you’re going to see the
changes. There we go. So now we’ve customized all of these featured headings and descriptions.
And I’ve chosen to leave the images as the default ones here. So that’s that. So we’ve now customized our logo, our slider
images, heading and description, and the title here and description, and then the featured
images, featured areas. Ok so that’s the homepage done then. So let’s just head back to the
site. So what we’re going to do now is we’re going to start creating the pages for the
website. So let me just minimize this and close out this Notepad file. And I’m going
to open up this Pages folder. Again, I’ve got the content pre-written just to help speed
up the tutorial. So the first thing we’re going to do is create the About page. So I’ll
just open up here, and I’ve got my content written there. So I’ll just open this up,
and then head up. And then, what we’re going to do now is, we’re
going to come out of the Theme Options here and go into Pages. So if you click Pages here,
now as you can see there’s already a sample page here. When you install WordPress, they
automatically give you a sample page. So what we can do is, we’re just going to delete this
one. You could also choose to edit that, but I’m just going to delete it here. And click
right down here, under Pages click Add New. So the first thing we’re going to do now is
give our page a title. So I’m going to call this About. And then you’re going to put the
content here for the page, which I’ve already got pre-written. So I’m just going to grab
that from the Notepad file, copy that, and then I’ll just close that out as well, and
just paste that here. And that’s it. Now, what you want to do… the thing is,
with WordPress pages and posts, it’s really easy to manage the content. So you literally,
let me just show you, you just type what you want to say here, and you can also just make
things bold for example, by highlighting the text, clicking bold, or highlighting here.
You can click a bullet point for example, or you can make stuff with quotes. So what
you want to do here is just click this right here. This is what’s commonly called the Kitchen
Sink. And if you click that, you get a whole lot more options. So for example, we can choose
to underline the text. But anyway, so that’s that. So I’m just going to delete that part out.
So when we’ve written our page title and page content here, what you want to do is come
over here and click Publish. So now go on over back to our site, and click Refresh.
And so what you’re going to see is we’ve now got our About page here. And if you just click
that. So you can see, here’s our page title and our description here, our page content.
So now we’ve done that page, let me just go over to the second page here, which is the
Contact page. So I’m going to go here. Now, what I’m going
to do is I’m going to use a contact form plugin to create a contact form. So what I’m going
to do is go over here and click Add New Page. Under Pages, click Add New. And I’m just going
to give this a title of Contact. And I’m going to leave this blank for now, but I’m just
going to click Publish here. And now if you head on over back to the website, hit refresh,
you can see our contact page is here. So if you just click that, and then you’re going
to see that it’s blank, because we haven’t created any content. So what we’re going to do now, is we need
to install a plugin. And a popular contact form plugin is the contact form 7 plugin,
so I’m just going to show you how to grab that now. So to install plugins, you want
to come over here to Plugins, and click Add New. And then you’re going to search here
for contact form 7, and then search plugins. So here is Contact Form 7. So then just click
Install Now. And that’s it. Now that’s installed. Click Activate Plugin. So now we’re going to go over here in the
sidebar under Contact. And come back over here under Contact, and click Contact Forms.
So, as you can see there’s shortcode right here. This is what we want to put in our page
that we created earlier. So if you just copy this shortcode here, right click and copy.
And then we want to go back to our page, our contact page we created earlier. So go back
over here to Pages, then All Pages, Edit under Contact. And then what you’re going to do,
just paste in that code right here. Ok, it didn’t seem to copy. I’m going to have to
grab that again. Let me just quickly do that now. Go back to Pages, All Pages, and then
Edit. Paste that right here. Ok I’ve realized what the problem is. You
need to click Text right here, the text tab, and then right click and paste. There we go.
Right, so now click Update here, and then go back to our website and click Refresh.
Now as you can see, our contact page is now a contact form here, so people can email you
from your website. Now you may also want to put your contact telephone number, or your
address for example here. So I’ll just quickly show you how to do that now. So if you go
over back to our Contact page, and I’ll just grab the pre-written content I’ve got here
for now. Oops, let’s get that out. Ok, so grab this content, and then paste that into
your contact page here. Now if you just paste that above the codes that we just put there.
So I’ve put a telephone number here, and an address. So I’m going to click Update over
here, then go back to the contact page and click refresh. And there we go. As you can see, we’ve got our contact form
here, and we’ve also got our telephone number here, and our address. You don’t have to put
this in, but I’m just showing you that’s an extra option to do if you want to do that.
So, let’s scroll back to the top now, and let’s see what’s next. Ok so let’s close this.
So we’ve done our About and Contact pages. So let’s just delete that. So now what we want to do is create some additional
pages just advertising some… now in this example I’m just going to advertise features
here. But for your website you might want to list services for example, or your skills
for example, or whatever. So I’m just going to open this back here and right here, and
go back to the website, and go back to the homepage here. So what I’m going to do here is I’m going
to create a Features page here, and that’s going to list the four features for the website.
And then what I’m going to do is I’m going to link each of these images here to each
features page. So when someone clicks right here, it’ll bring them to the relevant page.
So let me just go ahead and do that now. So come back into here. I’m going to create a
new page here, and I’m going to call that Features. And then I’m just going to click
Publish right here. So if you come back to our website, hit refresh, the Features page
is going to display right here. Now again, it’s empty at the moment, so let’s go back
here, go into the settings. So now let’s go ahead and create an additional page for each
feature. So I’ll go back here and click Add New. And I’m going to call the first featured page…
Let me just go back to the homepage here, and to Video Tutorials. Let’s just see. And
I’ll call this Video Training right here. So I’ll open that up. I’ll call this Video
Training. And then what you want to do here is, let’s go back to the website. What I want
is I want these features pages to be listed under here. So when you hover over features,
they’re going to all be listed. So to do that, when you’re creating this Features page right
here, you’re going to scroll down to Parent, and choose the Features pages that we just
created earlier as the parent. So, if I just click Publish here, I’ll show you exactly
what that means. Let’s come over to the website, and now if
you hover over, whoops let’s refresh that. So if you come back on over here, and hover
over Features, you can see now that the Video Training page is listed right under here.
So we created the Features page, and then we created the Video Training page, and we
listed this Features page as the parent. So what that does is, when we hover over this
now, it now displays the video training page. So let’s do the same thing for the other three
pages. Now at the moment we haven’t… actually let me go and put the content in here as well.
So I’ll just do that now. So if I open this up here, I’ve got pre-written content, which
I’ll just grab that now. And I’ll paste in the text there as well, and hit Update. So
now I’ve updated that page, let’s head back on over to the site, hit refresh. And then
under the features, if I click the Video Training page here. So there you go. So you’ve got
the title here and a description. If I go back to the page here, I’ll show you
that you can also include images as well. So if you want to include an image on this
page as well, so at the moment it’s looking pretty plain. I’m not actually going to add
an image on this page, but if you did want to, just head back here, and click right here,
and then click Add Media. And what you can do is you can select the file, or the Media
Library if you’ve already uploaded an image, then you can just click the Media Library
tab here and select your images. At the moment there’s none listed here. But I’ll go to Upload
Files, Select File. You can either click Select File here, or you can drag and drop it. I’ll
show you the drag and drop method right here. So just close this. So here we go. So it’s saying, drag files
to upload. So if I just grab this image right here, and drop it right there, and I’ll make
this screen so it’s bigger here. Right, so the image is now getting uploaded. Ok, so
the image is now uploaded there, as you can see. So all you need to do is click Insert
into Page here. Ok, so the image is now being uploaded, as you can see, and I’ll just go
ahead and click Update here. And then go back over to our website, click Refresh on this
page. And as you can see, the image is there. Now, you may want the text here to be displayed
right here next to the image. So to do that, come back to the page, click once on the image,
and then click on this pencil icon. So then right here, at the moment, there’s no alignment
associated with the image. So if you click left align here, and then click Update, and
as you can see, the text is now displayed on the side. So then go over here and click
Update here, and then over to the website page, and click refresh. So now you can see
the image is displayed on the left, and the text is aligned to the right. So, another thing I just want to mention here,
is if you hover over the image, you can see it’s a link here, so if I click that it will
show you the image. And you may not necessarily want that to be the case. So if I just click
back here, go back to the page, and then we’ll go over here to this tab. So to turn off the
link there on the image, just click the image again, click the pencil icon. So if you just,
actually we didn’t need that, that was the wrong thing. And there, it’s right here, Link
To. So click None here, and then click Update. And that’s it. So now update this page again,
and then head on back over to the website, refresh that, and there we go. If you hover
over the image now, you can see, if you click it, there’s no link on this image. So let me go back to the page now. So I’ll
just go ahead and delete this image out of here. And to do that just click on it once,
and then click this cross right here. And then update the page, come over to the tab,
refresh the page, and now the image is gone. So what I want to do, this is the page for
the first Features page. I’m going to go ahead and create the other three. So now I’ll minimize
this. And, so this one’s done now. So let me go ahead and take a look at what this second
features page is. I’ll go back to the homepage. I’ll scroll down here, so Ok, let me just
grab that from here. So, Website Success is the next page then. So I’ll just go ahead
over to here, and underneath Pages, click Add New. So then right here, Website Success
is the title, and then I’ll go ahead and grab the content, which I’ve got pre-written here.
I’ll cut that out there, and paste that here. Whoops, Ok as you can see I can’t paste that
here, but that’s because it’s in Visual. So you want to click the Text tab, right click
and paste, and then click Publish. And let’s go back to the website, over here, refresh
the page, add… Oh, I made an error there. As you can see, Website Success, the page
we just created, is listed on its own here. That’s because I forgot to list this as a
parent. So let’s go back and do that now. So just scroll back here. Underneath parent
here, select Features, then update. And if I go back here now and refresh the website,
you can see that it’s now listed underneath there, under the Features page. So let’s go
back here. And now I want to create my third Features page. So I’ll just minimize that.
Let’s close this and delete that one. So the next page is the Forum Support page. So I’ll
just grab this content here, open this up, so Forum Support. So I’ll create a new page
here, Add New. So Forum Support as the page title, and then I’ll paste in the text here,
and then go down here to Parent and make Features a parent, and click Publish. And now if we go over to the site, click refresh,
and under Features we’ve got Forum Support. And I’ll just click that just to show you
the page there. As you can see here, there’s the title of the page, and now the content
that we’ve put in. So now I’m going to come back to pages and underneath pages click Add
New. This is the final Features page. This is the fourth Features page. So I’ll close
that, and just delete that out. And then WordPress Skills. So I’ll just grab the content for
that. And so I’ll give that a title of WordPress Skills, and then paste in the content here,
and then make the parent this Features page here, and then click Publish. So I’ll go to the website, hit refresh. So
now we’ve got our four Features pages listed under here, under this Features page. So I’ll
just go back to the homepage. So what I want to do now is, I want to link these right here,
the four features on the homepage, I want to link them to the correct features page
up here. So the first one, Video Training, that’s what I’m going to have this one linking
to. So if I just scroll up, hover over Video Training, I’ll just open this up in a new
tab. And what I want to do his here is I want to grab the URL here. So I’ll just copy that,
and so we want this as the first featured area. So we’re going to go back to the Theme
Settings now and click Theme Options. So now go back to the Homepage Features area here
and click that. So now we’re going to scroll down to our first featured area. So we’ve
got the image, heading, description, and the first feature link. So what that is, is that’s
the place where this goes to when you click it. So just grab the URL from here, and I’ll
paste that right here, paste that there, and click Save All Changes. I’ll just save the
first one just to show you that. Now go back to the homepage, click refresh. So now, this is the Video Training page, and
now when I click this link, it’s going to go to this page right here. So I’ll just show
you that now. So I’ll click this. There you go. It’s gone to the Video Training page.
So now all I need to do is do the same thing for the other three featured area pages. So
I’ll just scroll up and find the second one. So the second featured one, so that’s where
this is going to go when you click it. And I want that one to go to this page right here.
So WordPress Skills, so I’ll just open that in a new tab, just to get the URL. So I’ll
copy the URL for that, just close that out. Now go into the second featured link here,
and I’ll paste that in there and then I’ll scroll down to the third featured link, which
is this one, where this goes, so that’s Q&A Forum Support. And I’m going to grab the URL
for that, so open that up here, and I’ll grab the URL. So copy that, and close that out,
and then paste that URL here. And then finally the fourth featured link. So that’s this one
here. So, Learn the Secrets of Website Success, so I’m going to link this here to this page
right here, Website Success. So I’ll just open that up in a new tab just to grab the
URL there. I’ll copy that, close it out, and then paste that right here. So now I’ve put all those in. I’m going to
click Save All Changes. That’s it. And I’ll go back to the homepage, click refresh, and
there we go. All these are now linked up. So if I show you this second one, so Quickly
Become a WordPress Pro, so if I click that, it goes to the WordPress Skills page. Go back
to the homepage. I’ll click the third one, the Q&A Forum Support. That goes to the Forum
Support page. And then finally the fourth one, which is Learn the Secrets of Website
Success. And that goes to the Website Success page. Right, so let’s go back to the homepage
now. So now we’ve fixed the links right here. I
also want to select where these links right here point. So we’ve got two sliders here,
where you’ve got this one, and we’ve got this one. So we’ve got two buttons here. So I’m
going to choose the correct page for those links. So WordPress Website Tutorials. So
I’m going to link that again to WordPress Skills, so I’m just going to open that in
a new tab just to grab the URL for that page. So I’ll copy that out and close that out.
Then I’ll go back to the Theme Options. If we scroll up here, and then go to slider settings,
so click Slider Settings here. So as you can see, we’ve got the first slider image, heading,
description, button, and then link URL, which we left blank earlier. And then again you’ve
got the same thing for the second one, second slider button and URL. So this first slider here which is this one,
whoops, this one, so I want that one pointing to this page. And I just grab the link for
that. So I’m just going to paste that in there. And then go back here, and for the second
slide here, grab our free website logo. I’m just going to link that to, just for example
purposes I’ll just link it to this page Website Success. So I’ll just open that in a new tab
and copy the URL, close that out, and paste that right here in Second Slider Button Link
URL. So paste that there and click Save All Changes. So now if we go back to the homepage
here, click refresh. So now you can see these buttons here. If I click this it’s going to
link to the page, there we go, WordPress Skills. If we go back to the homepage, so now we go
back to the second slider there, click the Learn More button, and then it goes to Website
Success. So that’s it. So we now completely finished the homepage
there. Ok, so we’ve now got the homepage done. So what you want to do now is, I just want
to show you that we’ve got our Features pages listed here. One thing to note though, is
this right here is also a page. So if we click that, you’ll notice that earlier we didn’t
actually put any content for that. So at the moment it’s just completely blank. So what
we want to do on this page, is we want to just briefly speak about each of these here.
And then what I’ll do is I’ll just link, put a link to each of those there as well. So
let’s just go back to our dashboard. Let’s go into Pages, All Pages, and this will just
list all of our existing pages. So if we scroll down to the Features page.
And this line here just indicates that these are child pages, and this right here is the
parent page. So I’m just going to click Edit here. So at the moment there’s no text for
that. So I’m just going to just put some example texts over here, Video Training, Website Success.
So I’m just going to say this is a short description about video training. And then again I’m going
to copy that out. Obviously this is just example text here, but you want to actually write
something that makes sense. So I’m going to say Website Success, Forum Support. So Website
Success, Forum Support. And then the last one, which is WordPress Skills. So I’ll just
put WordPress Skills. So now I’ve got the description there, so
what I want to do is also make these links, Ok. So what, I’m going to grab the URL for
the training page. So I’ll just come over here, hover over here, right click open in
new tab for the Video Training page, and I’ll just copy that URL, close that out, go back
here. So now I’m going to highlight Video Training there, and I’m going to click this
link icon right here. And then, actually, you can either paste in
the URL there, or another option which I can do is you can actually link to existing pages
right here. So to do that you just click this dropdown right here. And then you want to
just select the page that we’re linking to. So in this case it’s the Video Training page.
So just click that and then new link. So let’s just repeat that for the rest of them. Ok,
so click insert/edit link, and then select the Website Success page, add link, and then
here forum support, insert/edit link. Let’s click the Forum Support page, Add Link, and
then finally the WordPress Skills, so highlight that, insert/edit link, and then WordPress
Skills, Add Link. So now I’ve done that, just click on update,
then come back over to the website, and let’s refresh the page. So now if we come on over
to the features here and actually just click this Features page right here, you can see
now we’ve got some text, and then the link here. So I’ll just click that one. And it’s
linking to the page I’ll hit back. And there we go, Website Success, click that, and that
links to the Website Success page. So I’ll just go back. So on the Features page, you
can just briefly speak about each of the, in this case features. However, if you were
writing about your personal skills for example, and then you could write a brief description
about your skills, and then link to the actual skills page where you can speak about it in
more detail. So I’m just going to go back here. OK so now,
what you may have noticed, if I go back to one of the pages here, I’ll go to the About
page for example. What you may notice here, is we’ve got a search box, which is probably
a good thing there. And I’ve also got one of these recent posts. This Hello World post
right here, this is just another sample post that WordPress produces by default when you
install it. And then recent comments is an example comment. Archives, categories, and… OK, so what we do to get rid of or, to customize
this, we go over to the dashboard, go to Appearance here, and click Widgets. So, now what you’ll
see, let me just move that out of the way. So now as you can see, this primary widget
here has got a few things listed. And these things listed right here, is what you’re seeing
over in the sidebar. This is what’s referred to as a sidebar right here. So all these things,
as you can see, Recent Posts, if we go back here you’ll see there’s a recent post here.
There’s a search one. And if we go here, you can see the search box. And then recent comments.
If you go back, you’ll see the recent comments. And then archives, categories, and meta. So
if we come back to here, we don’t really want, a few of these we could do without, for example
this Meta. The categories, if you’ve got multiple categories on a site, then you may want to
have that there. In this case, this is a small site, so we don’t actually have any categories
at the moment. And archives just lists all the posts produced within a period. For example
May, if I click that, it will show me all the posts produced in May. So I’m just going to clean this out right
here. So I’ll leave the search box. All the rest of them just drag them over to the left
and drop click, hold down, drag over and drop. Click, hold down, drag over and drop. So just
repeat that, until, the only thing we want is a search box, so that’s done. So if we go back over to the page, refresh
that, and everything’s gone now. It’s just the search box right here. So, that’s that
done. So the website right now is pretty much complete. You’ve got our homepage here with
our slider, our Features links which are linking to our Features pages. And in your case you
may want to call this, if it’s maybe a blog or website about listing your skills, you
may want to call this skills, and then list your different skills you’ve got here. And
then on these skills pages you can talk about that in more detail. And a contact page here.
We’ve got the contact form here, so if anyone wants to contact you by email, they can complete
this form. And when they click send, you’ll automatically receive an email for that. Now the email that this is going to go to
is the one you selected when you set up, when you installed the WordPress site in our hosting
account. But you can actually change that. I’ll just show you that here. I’ll go back
to Widgets, and go to Contact here, click that. So now come back here, under Contact
Form click Edit. And if you scroll down here you go, mail to, so this is the, my email
address which is going to receive the mail that’s sent via the contact form here. So
you can customize that, and if you put a different email, just make sure you click to save the
changes, which is up here. So a few things I just want to briefly mention
is the Permalinks. So if you hover over Settings, and then go to Permalinks. We’ve got Post
Name selected here. Now what this is, let me just show you. If we go back to the website,
and open up the About page for example, you can see that the title we chose for this page
becomes the URL here. So if you see your URL looking something like this, ID=, and then
a random string of numbers or characters or whatever, then all you need to do is just
come into here into Permalinks. So Settings, Permalinks, and then click Post Name here,
and then click Save Changes. And what that will do, that will make the, let me just refresh
this page, refresh. So that will make this page, the title of this page will become the
URL, which is the most SEO-friendly way to have your URL structure. Another thing you want to note is the site
title. If I just go back to our site here and go to the homepage, If you look up here
right here it says just another WordPress, and that says site. So we need to come over
here into Settings, and then click General. And then what you want to do, you want to
give your site a title here. So you can just call this the website name. So I’ll just call
it Website Wizard. And then, on the tagline you can either leave this blank, or you can
just give a short description about your website. So I prefer to leave that blank most of the
time. So once you’ve done that, scroll down, hit Save Changes, and then come on over to
the website and refresh the page. And as you can see, now it’s displaying our website name
up here. So that’s that done. So let me just check my text document. So
now I’ve done the Permalinks and Premium Theme. Ok so, just open this back up. Ok so this
Traffica theme that we’ve been using is a free theme. However you can grab the premium
version of the theme if you like. So I’ll just show you over here some of the features
of that. And what I’ll do is I’ll leave the link to the premium version below the video,
so if you want to grab that you can go ahead and do so. So there’s a few extra options with the premium
theme. You can display six images in the slider. If you look at our webpage, we’ve only got
a choice of two sliders. So if you want more sliders then you can do that. Another reason
why you may want to grab the premium version is to get rid of this powered by Traffica
at the bottom. If you’re using this for business purposes, then you may not want that to be
displayed there. You may want instead to have a copyright notice, which is what most websites
have in the footer of their website. So that’s a couple of reasons. I’ll link to this page,
put a link to this page below the video, and you can have a read through that. But for
most of you I’m assuming this is probably going to be Ok. But if you’re using this as
a professional business website or whatever, then you may want to go ahead and grab the
premium version, to give you more options. So that’s just an option there. So just to finish up here, I just want to
mention about these social icons that I forgot to show you in the tutorial. So if we go over
to appearance and Theme Options here, and then if you go down to social icons here,
then all you need to do is put, if you’ve got a Facebook page, then just put the URL
here. So http://www. Forward slash, whatever your Facebook page URL is. And the same thing
for Twitter, Google Plus, and the others as well. And then of course you’d hit save changes.
Actually, let me just show you that here. So http://www.facebook.com, forward slash,
I’ll just make something up like that. And then if I go down here, save changes, and
go over to the website, hit refresh, and then if we scroll down the page, now you can see
our Facebook link right here. So that’s it. That completes the tutorial
for this. What we’re going to do now is optimize our website for the search engines. So if
we minimize the screen now, what we’re going to see is my text document. So I’ve completed
this top part now. So now we want to install some plugins. So what are plugins? Well, plugins
extend the website functionality. So what that means is, for example, by default, with
your WordPress installation, the default WordPress themes don’t come with a contact form. So
as you saw earlier, we downloaded a contact form plugin, and that allowed us to have a
contact form on our website. So that’s basically what plugins do. They allow you to extend
the functionality of your existing website. So the first plugin we’re going to look at
here is the All in One SEO pack. So let me go and show you that now. To do that, we come
over here to plugins, and then Add New. Then just type in here all in one SEO pack. And
I’ll leave the information for these below the video. So click Search Plugins here, and
there we go, All in One SEO Pack. So just click Install Now, and Ok. And then what you
want to do is just hit Activate Plugin there. So now what you want to do if, I’ll just go
back to our website here. And for example, Ill go to this Video Training page here. And
what you want to do is optimize your pages for the search engines. So if you go back
to the plugin, and we can go to our page for example, All Pages. So you want to optimize
your page for the search engines. So let’s go to this page, which is the Video Training
page here, and click Edit. So now if you scroll down to the bottom of this page, what you’re
going to see is, you’re going to see this option here, All in One SEO pack. So this
one right here is showing you exactly how this page is going to display in the search
engines. So what you want to do… by default, Google just grabs any random text from this
page. So what you may want to do for your SEO optimization, you may want to include
your keywords here. So what a keyword is, it’s what you want your
website to show up in a search engine for, when people are searching. So this page right
here is about video training. So for example, my keyword that I might want to target here
may be video training. So what I want to do is include that in the title and description
here. So you can use an optimized title here. And that’s what’s going to, when you put your
title here, and description, that’s what’s going to show here in the search engines.
So you want to include your keywords in the title and description. So I’ll just do an example here. So I’ll just
say Video Training. And then if you want to have branding for you website, you may want
to put your website name at the end there. And then also the description: get the best
video training over on our website. And you may want to also include a telephone number
here if you like. It depends on what the website’s used for. You can even include a telephone
number in your description here, or maybe even at the end of your title. You may want
to include your telephone number here. So that’s up to you. So then the keyword here
is obviously what you’re trying to incorporate into the title and description. So that’s
it. So once you’ve done that, just head on down
up to the page and click Update. So that’s one way to make your website SEO friendly.
So you want to do that for all the pages on your website that you want to have optimized
for the search engines. So the next plugin we want to install now,
is the SEO Friendly Images. So let’s do that now. So again go back to Plugins, Add New,
and search SEO friendly images here, and click Search Plugins. So there you go, SEO Friendly
Images. So click Install there, and then Activate Plugin. So now if you scroll down you can
see the plugin’s activated here. So now go over to settings right here and SEO Friendly
Images. So we don’t actually need to do anything here,
but I’m just going to quickly explain what this is doing. So this is, let me just go
and show you one of the pages on our website. So in this video training page, this plugin
has automatically optimized all of our images with the video title and also our website
name. So what that’s going to do, is when people are going into search engines, for
example Google, and they’re searching via Google Images, then what it’s going to do
is when they’re using our specific keywords here, it’s going to help our images show up
there. So that can help bring us extra traffic to our website. So the next plugin we want to install then
is, actually this WP Super Cache is already installed. But what I want to just quickly
explain to you what it’s doing here. So I’ll go to Plugins, and then as you can see, WP
Super Cache is already active. And what that does, it just caches the content on your website.
So the content’s already pre-loaded, so it just makes the website load faster. And that’s
great for not only SEO, but also user experience too. So another plugin you want to install is the
Google XML Sitemaps. So what this will do is it will structure your content for search
engines, and help your new content on your website get indexed fast, so they can show
up in the search results. So to do that, go over to Plugins, and Add New. And search Google
XML Sitemaps. And click Search Plugins. And there we go, Google XML Sitemaps. Click Install
Now. Then click Activate Plugin. So that’s it. That’s all done for you, so you don’t
need to do anything else there. So finally, what we want to do here is we
want to do our, update our ping list. So let’s just do that now. So to update the ping list,
come over to Settings here and go to Writing. And if you scroll down the bottom of the page,
what you’ll see here is this Update Services. So what this does, is this ping list right
here, is it will update key websites that your website’s got new content. So what that
does, it will just help your website show up in the search results, so that you can
get more search engine traffic. So what I’ve done right here is I’ve opened up a website
which has got a ping list here. And I’ll leave the link to this below the video. But to find
this you just go into Google and search WordPress ping list 2014. So just scroll down and copy
all of these URLs. Copy that, and then go back into here, and then just paste it underneath
this existing ping URL. And then just click save. And that’s it. And you’re done now. Ok, I hope you enjoyed this wordpress tutorial
for beginners. I’ll leave all the relevant links below the video. And if you have any
questions, just feel free to leave a comment below the video.

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