World War I – summary of the “Great War”

100 years ago ended a war whose intensity and scale the world had never before seen. A war that involved more than 60 million soldiers
around the globe. In this video, we retrace the origins, events
and consequences of World War I. To understand the origins of World War I,
we start in 1871 at the end of the Franco-German war between
the French Empire and the Confederation of North Germany, allied
with the German states of the south. After 6 months of fighting, France is defeated
and the victors unite to form the German Empire. Alsace and Moselle are annexed to the new
empire, frustrating the French side. In the following years, Germany would greatly
advance its industry and economy. The country also builds alliances, first with
the Austro-Hungarian Empire and then with Italy, which is frustrated by
France colonizing Tunisia. The three form the Triplice or Triple Alliance. Growing in power and status,
Germany begins colonizing African territories. For its part, France allies with the Russian
Empire and signs a secret pact of non-aggression with Italy, thus avoiding a second front in
case of war. The British Empire fears the rise of the German
army, more specifically of its navy. Britain comes out of isolation, moves closer
to France, and then to Russia. Together, they form the Triple Entente. In the Balkans, the Austro-Hungarian Empire
annex Bosnia and Herzegovina, much to the displeasure of neighboring Serbia which dreamed of one day uniting the South Slav people. This project appeals to Russia, which diplomatically
allies itself with Serbia. On June 29, 1914, a young Serbian nationalist from Bosnia murders the heir to the throne of Austria and his wife in Sarajevo. Austria-Hungary accuses Serbia of having organized
the attack and despite Russian threats declares war the following month. In a few days, the conflict spreads between the countries of the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance. Only Italy remains neutral for the moment. The German plan is to overcome the French
army, concentrated in the East, by planning an attack from the north. To achieve this, Germany invades Luxembourg and Belgium, in violation of their neutrality in the conflicts. The French, British and Belgian armies are
forced to retreat. Fearing the capture of Paris, the French government
moves to Bordeaux. But the German army turns away from the city
to continue surrounding the French army. They are then attacked on the flanks by the
army of Paris which forces them to retreat further north, marking the failure of the
Schlieffen plan. The new German objective is to takeover the strategic ports of Calais, Dunkirk and Boulogne to cut British supplies. The inferior Belgian army cannot resist the
German advance. In the plain of Yser, the choice is then made
to open lock gates to flood the polders. With the German army stopped in their tracks, the frontline is etched out with the construction of 700 km of trenches, stretching from the
North Sea to Switzerland. With the war frontlines stabilized in the
west, Germany sends its troops to the east to fight against a Russian offensive, which
puts pressure on Austria-Hungary. After some hesitation, the Ottoman Empire
decides to support Germany in the war. This creates several new fronts: one in the
Caucasus, another in the Sinai against the British protectorate in Egypt with the goal
of controlling the Suez Canal; and finally a third front in the British protectorate of Kuwait over the issue of oil resources. To weaken the Ottoman Empire, Britain supports an Arab rebellion by promising them independence in liberated lands. Finally, Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary
with the hope of gaining new territory. In Asia, Japan went to war against Germany
and seized its colonies in the Pacific and China. In Africa, German colonies are stormed by
French, British and Belgian forces. Many people from colonized territories are
enlisted in European armies. France mobilizes nearly 800,000 people, a
large proportion of whom are sent to Europe. The British Empire, for its part, enlists
2.7 million men from its dominions and colonies. More than half come from British India. In the Balkans, Bulgaria goes back to war
alongside the Central Empires. The country has a great territorial appetite
and wants to expand in all directions. Serbia is attacked on two fronts and is quickly invaded. In the West, Germany continues with military innovations. It becomes the first to organize aerial bombardments
carried out by zeppelin airships. London and Paris are regularly attacked. The air force is initially used for tracking
and reconnaissance, but planes are quickly fitted out with machine guns, resulting in the first aerial battles. In another first, Germany launches submarine
wars in British territorial waters, sinking ships it encounters. Finally, in the trenches, both sides use toxic
gases that cause many casualties. Despite some attempts to find breakthroughs,
the frontline of war remains fixed, at great human cost. In the trenches, soldiers who survived the
fighting are forced to live in harsh conditions. Mud, vermin, rats and the smell of decaying
corpses put their nerves to the test. In the spring, the French side begins mutinies
that would be suppressed. Germany also tires of the stalemate. The country is now focused on war on the economic
front and sends its submarines to the Atlantic to sink all kinds of ships, even commercial
ones, heading to the United Kingdom. Exhausted by war, Russia suffers more than
1.7 million military casualties. Morale is at its lowest point on the frontlines
and among the public. Then takes place a short revolution that brings
down the regime of the Tsars. At the same time, the United States of America finds itself becoming a victim of the commercial blockade in the Atlantic. They decide to go to war alongside the Allies. In Russia, a second revolution allows the
Bolsheviks to come to power, who immediately sign a ceasefire with the Central Empires. With the Russian front under control, Germany
concentrates its troops on the west. The country succeeds in a breakthrough in
the trenches and approaches Paris, which it bombards. But the German army moves too fast to the south. The French army counterattacks and disintegrates
German defenses. In panic, German soldiers retreat to the north. From this moment, the Allies lead on all fronts. In Germany, mutinies and a revolutionary wave
forced the emperor to abdicate and allows the signing of the Armistice, marking the
end of the “Great War” that kills more than 18 million people. On June 28, 1919, a peace treaty is signed
at Versailles. German representatives are not invited and the country is forced to accept all demands of the victors. Germany and its allies are held solely responsible
for war damages and must pay heavy compensation. Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman empires are
dismantled, making way for new countries or colonies. Germany, meanwhile, finds itself humiliated
and indebted. Its army is disbanded and colonies shared
among the Allies. The country cedes roughly 15 percent of its territory to France, Belgium, Denmark and Poland, which is recreated. The only consolation is Germany remains largely
intact due to no fighting on its territory, and its industry is still standing. The humiliation imposed upon Germany already
leaves it with a desire for revenge.

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  1. darzblue versales says:

    I love this video♥️

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    Please made a video with british Empire

  3. Heinrich Himmler says:

    Franz Joseph assasination in June 29 1914?,no 28.You miss

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    nice beat

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    Thank you! Really helpful! 😇

  6. nyi lever says:

    It’s crazy that it takes USA, Britain,France to beat Germany

  7. Murtaza Nawaz says:

    It 600 million shoulder
    I killed 49million

  8. Dünyada Biri says:

    ISTANBUL not constantinople

  9. Thomas Autengruber says:

    Italy, the country of traitors.

  10. Arthur Cerpentier says:

    I love belgium

  11. Anna Glber says:

    World's history. Comes worldwide human beings history with it. When ever human beings become smarter and when more stupid Idiot.??? Well war after war something s change for better but some more ugly stupid. What country should learn from who. Where when and how should one country learn from other. It seems. Right now is one country that have more Problems with tell others what too do then the rest of them have. Wonder who it may be. Who is it that say come come your dreams come true. And hart work will pay of. Who who tell others too do with trash and human beings and wildlife and otherwise animals what and not do it in all. But on the end come out some cases worse then other countries. Why why so much people want too come too one country. Cleaning up one end trash destroy it the otherwise way. But ones came from bitch complain about why this country came from is so much trash and not enough of whatever else. Slamming Lord one end clean the otherwise way. Only because human race. Different from the other some can do more then the other when come too one country then did and do in the other. Now human beings it different it means too be but still the same not can make up there mind how too run one country better or worse over the other. War after war make it clear that not one country really not cant make up there mind how too run others country business. Only too not even cant get there own country straighten up. Like too get others too do. What country is worse then the others with lot controls over all in there own country. Where dreams should come true. But on the end cant even get done what. Where what is more important then what told others not too do

  12. Brainstorming Plus says:

    Absolutely well done and definitely keep it up!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

  13. Shadi says:

    it is a good story BUT
     not the voice.

  14. Diya Pillai says:

    i thought franz ferdinand died on the 28th

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  22. Stamblock says:

    Greece was in this war too

  23. Voyeger Kane says:

    Getting some serious rap battle vibes here

  24. Popescu Laurentiu says:

    This is video is not 100% accurate,Romania take part in WW1 side with Triple Entente 1916-1918.

  25. eliteEVIL darkness says:

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    Thirds the charm
    Go for it

  26. buster117 says:

    TheGreatWar channel exist with hundreds of details videos about ww1*
    GeoHistory: Am about to end Indy's whole career!
    Indy: Starts WW2 channel
    GeoHistory: There is another!

  27. BashanSandersRockstarchannel says:

    1:57–1:59 and 2:07 and that's how WW1 Started

  28. Ajay Banshkar says:

    What a great way to explain ww1 in 8 minutes…! great job n thank you

  29. A friend says:

    4.30 I think this video has lied. Germany never had control of Korea. I do not think it did. I cant find any links on the internet saying it. It was KOREAN, then the Japanese went into Korea and killed the Koreans.. and stole the country. whilst the west kept hold of the south, the japanese took control of the north. See Persuaders 2020 video).

  30. Persida Peric says:

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  31. Not YouTube Algorithm says:

    Allies: Hey lets ask them to pay for everything, dismantle these great empires, humiliate germany and give italy only a little bit of land. Not abide to their promises (especially in the middle east) What's the worst thing that could happen.

    Ummm sir a man with a weird moustache is attacking france and this bald guy is busy attacking our colonies in africa. Ooh yeah and we keep receiving bombings from the middle east in the 21st century.

  32. jo jo says:

    Interresting how the wars have different names in each contry. In Germany the "Franco german war" is called: third Unity war. Do anyone now how the war is called in france?

  33. TyByX says:

    wow, nothing about romania

  34. SkyGames says:

    I hate what happened in the signing of the Armistice and the aftermath.

  35. Mr. Theo says:

    The Great War Match BEGIN

    Franz Ferdinand has been shot by Princip
    Austria-Hungary blames Serbia for the shot
    Serbia says: I didn’t do it mate
    Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
    Russia declares war on Austria-Hungary
    Germany declares war on a Russia and France
    France and Russia declare war on Germany
    Germany declares war on Belgium and Luxembourg which makes the UK intervene so they declare war on Germany
    Ottoman Empire declares war on The Triple Entente
    Bulgaria joins the Central Powers
    Japan joins the Triple Entente and takes pacific islands
    Serbia flees to Albania and Greece
    Russia gets crushed by a Germany
    The Bolsheviks have joined the server
    Russia has left the game (Replaced by AI)
    The Russian Civil War starts
    USA joins the war (Reason: Zimmerman Telegram)
    USA sends troops and shoots Germans with shotguns
    Wilhelm the II flees to the Netherlands
    Germany signs an armistice
    Germany and Central Powers sign the treaty


  36. John Liu says:

    war is never a good thing 🙁 wish world can come to peace one day, the 100000bible thing a while ago I think really emphasised a lot on this

  37. William Arens says:

    I thought Britain declared war on Germany because they where invading neutral countries aka Belgium

  38. William Arens says:

    Didn't American join the war because Germany told Mexico to go and invade but British found it and told the us

  39. Pato Mafioso says:

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  40. Bojan Zivkovic says:

    You forgotten altough breakup Tselanoniki front ..the first defeating on the Central power..Serbian and French army defetead Germany and Bulagarian army..Rezults..Bulgaria defetad..Austrohungarian defetad and last..Gernany defetead..

  41. jason richards says:

    Gavrilo Princip's shot started a worldwide revolution whose effects are still with us today.

  42. Andreas Kunze says:


  43. Sulaiman Khuhro says:

    A few mistakes.
    The Italians had made a secret pact with the Entente long before the war broke out.
    Britain declared war because germany invaded belgium
    No mention of Brest Litovsk, that gave germany a lot more land and possibly a fighting chance if they weren't starving
    Also the US declared war bcos of the Zimmerman telegram, not the sinking of ships, though that was a major factor in how they did it.

    Regardless, good video! Visuals were nice and music kept me engaged. 9.5/10

  44. Dan Cruz says:

    UK was natural until Germany started invading Belgium

  45. Franchise1107 says:

    One slight error I noticed. England did not join the war at the onset, they joined after the invasion of Belgium as they had guaranteed their neutrality.

  46. Celeon999A says:

    I heard that it started when a bloke called Archie Duke shot an ostrich 'cause he was hungry.

  47. Aliosman C-OPS says:

    Not Constantinapole this is İstanbul

  48. 볼빨간화공과 says:

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    It is Europe War

  49. trinity says:

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    You mean "The great hip hop war" ^^=

  51. Jd Pv says:

    MACEDONIA Was Occupy By Greeks And Bulgarians FASHIST Cowherds In Agean And Pirin regions of Macedonia.
    No Geneocide Of Macedonians ??????

  52. Jd Pv says:

    FREEDOM Dignity Speech And HUMANS Wright’s In Occupy AGEAN And PIRIN Reagins Of MACEDONIA By Fashist COWHERDS Greeks And Bulgarians Since 1912 !!!!n
    No Geneocide Of Macedonians ?????

  53. Koekel Akouwnt says:

    1:46 We've seen how well that worked out…

  54. Shania Chery says:

    Who's here after Donald trump starting WW3??

  55. Cbooth1988 says:

    Summary: 18 million people died for Germany to gain 700 square miles of useless territory which they gave back anyway… Jeeez

  56. Sandrea Lawson says:

    Who's here after hearing that WW3 is upon us?! (Jan 03,2020)

  57. Ron Jay says:

    This is the worst narrator I've ever heard what a waste of time this should be done by David Attenborough

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    Which country are u from

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    Wait, so you telling me, that even though Bulgaria and the Monarchy took out Serbia, Serbia still took lands from the Monarchy?

  74. IAmSeamonkey says:

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  75. André Griezmann says:

    You pronounce so well are you French

  76. Thierry Garnier says:

    german people still think they have not lose this war

  77. Thierry Garnier says:

    After 1870.0, France has paid a huge amount to Germany. after 1918, Germany has to pay, bute didn't

  78. Thierry Garnier says:

    After 1918, USA promised to prevent Germany to attack again France. Well,…

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    WW1: Germany "what? "
    WW2: Germany "don't judge"
    WW3: Germany "Hey it's not me this time"
    US "don't look at me… I did not agree to this "

  83. John M says:

    Switzerland Left the Group

  84. rick louis says:

    Who was still confused after watching the video?

  85. Уюку Фыжфь says:

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  86. Badass Uchiha says:

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    İstanbul is İstanbul.

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