YOUR DRONE FOOTAGE SUCKS ~ How To Fix It & Get Paid 💰 With BlackBox

Oh come on now! Why would somebody even
publish this? This footage is absolute junk! What the heck!… Oh wait!
That’s one of my videos from over four years ago!… Yes you have to start
somewhere! Alright, enough! That’s painful to watch!
Before I get too in-depth in this video…. If you hear a little snoring in the
background, it’s because my executive producer is napping on the job!…. Good
morning guys, from Seward Alaska. My name is Ben with His and Hers Vlogs, that
Shelby snoring over in the corner… And my better half is making a run to
Anchorage today! So on this little home stand, it’s a great opportunity for
us to download a lot of what we’ve learned from years of producing YouTube
videos while traveling. And you’re probably wondering; “Why is this slop junk
of a video still up on our channel?!? It’s very intentional! I think it’s
inspirational for the viewers to be able to go back in time and see how their
favourite youtubers got started! Most of us were not professionals when we
started our channel! And I know these videos are absolutely painful to watch….
But it also reminds us of where we came from which makes the destination of
where we’re going all the better! So welcome to,: “Your drone footage sucks! How to fix it and get paid!” Yes. I said get paid! Stick around towards the end of the
video and we’ll get into how we’ve started generating passive income off of
footage that’s been sitting on our hard drives for years! Some obligatory
business, why don’t you just go ahead and hit that SUBSCRIBE button to our channel. For
travel, adventure, lessons from the road… Then head on over to our website, for exclusive videos, resources and more engagement! So there is no debating this one aspect of video creation but… My favourite part,
hands-down is capturing content!… It’s the thrill of hunting for the shot and
capturing it that really feeds my wild side! Editing is rewarding but more of a
chore in my book. Sharing is always great but my real passion is for capturing
awesomeness!! And I truly believe with the technology of modern drones, just about
anyone is capable of capturing cinematic footage!…. Let’s start with the basics
about these flying cameras also known as drones or UAVs! And it has to start with
safety guys! An unmanned aerial vehicle… There’s rules and there’s laws for
flying them. And they are for everybody’s protection! I highly suggest UAV coach
for your FAA part 107 testing, I had an amazing experience with them…. Now that
that FAA stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about having fun capturing footage!…. Square one
starts with a harsh reality, it’s getting harder and harder to legally fly drones!
Depending on where you live… Be prepared to drive a good distance to
find something worth shooting, that’s in an area that you can legally fly!….. In our
travels, we seek out sparsely populated areas… Because it allows us to drive and
fly baby!.. Rebecca takes the wheel, I take the controls and we capture some
amazing footage! And you’d be surprised there are a lot of naturally, beautiful
areas where you can still legally fly your drone! If time is on your side,
try capturing footage when lighting is the best! I’m talking about Golden Hour…
Twice a day, the Sun is low on the horizon and gives everything a special
glow! If you’re randomly traveling and capturing footage along the way, make the
best of the conditions and accept that there are things out of your control and
maybe the shot was not meant to be! Make sure to set your body and controller up
for a safe flight. You know, phones are getting larger again and they may not
perfectly fit into the clamps unlike the Mavic controllers. A lot of people opt to
use tablets! But whatever you can do to take the pressure off, there’s a lot of
accessories out there! But simply taking a lean or you know maybe something
bearing the weight of the controller…But whatever it takes for you to get that
smooth and silk footage, by having that precise controls over the joysticks is what
you’re shooting for! And also if you notice your screen average is just dim or
not bright like it should be, check your screen brightness and turn it up! For
some reason, they have a way of sneaking down!
Alright! You’re now on location! It’s the right time of day, you’re in a
commanding position, now what? It’s time to get in touch with the force and
unleash those Jedi powers! Because I want you guys to fly with vision and intent!….
See the shot, line up the shot, be the shot… Find the best lighting, set focus,
dial in the camera settings…. You’re gonna start clips and stop clips.
None of this hit, record and capture everything that does nothing but chew up
space on your SD card, hard drives and time by cleaning up the junk footage!
I’ll say it again, every move you make has to be deliberate! You are nothing but
a human being getting in the way of a camera that is capable of capturing cinematic awesomeness! So moving on now, open
landscape shots…. They’re great and all that…. But adding a subject, really levels
you up!…. The subject does not have to be a person! It can be a natural feature. It
can move in and out of frame. There can even be more than one subject. Simply
adding something for the viewer to focus on…Engages the brain in a positive way!
One of the most important points when editing drone footage is trim out the
junk! I’m talking about those little adjustments while you line up the shot
or even if you slip while making a shot…. And there’s that jerk in the middle of
the clip…Unless it’s part of a really cool unique transition…. Just don’t do it!
It’s time to move on into flying the drone… And this is where a lot of people
really mess things up! Because if what’s going into the camera is junk, what’s
coming out of the camera is junk as well! Fortunately, it’s a lot easier than you
think to capture worthy clips! In reality… 5, 10 maybe 15 seconds of smooth footage
is really all that you need! Since we’re maintaining a square one
approach, let’s start with the most basic of shots… And that’s flying
straightforward! Start a flight in a forward direction and don’t move for
fifteen to thirty seconds or even more depending on preferences! Literally pick
a course, hold it without making any changes. If you can pull off this one
type of shot, you will have usable, worthy footage!
And this is the absolute minimum you need to be able to produce from your
drone flights…. A smooth hand and practice really help when adding more elements to
your shot! You know an elementary breakdown of the directions you can fly
are; Up, down, left, right, forward, reverse and don’t forget the gimbal! The reveal
you get when combining elements is amazing!
Keep in mind, you still have the same goal of’; “No harsh movements for fifteen
to thirty seconds!” Hold your course, don’t change a thing and remember to breathe!
Your footage is really gonna start popping at this point and just kind of
keep in mind…. The more elements you add to a shot, the better your footage is
gonna get!….The best part about multiple elements is the reveal! A reveal is a
shot where a subject comes into frame or out of frame as you fly your course! It
triggers a “What’s next” emotion…. Especially when the view keeps getting
better and better! Next up, I want you to get close to your subject…. How close? Real
close!…. Try to get as close as you can get while maintaining safe control of your
aircraft! Filling the frame can look equally as amazing as a wide shot with a
lot of context! If there’s a shot you really want to capture, don’t be afraid
to do two, three or even four takes! The icing on the cake that really helps
beginner drone pilots capture cinematic footage, has to do with the technology! On
modern drones, the settings are very adjustable!
Everything from joystick responsiveness to flight controls of the aircraft can
be customized to your preferences! There are also intelligent flight modes! Which
are manufacturer presets that are very helpful. Our favourite has to be cinematic!
It’s great because the joysticks are not as sensitive and you get a smoother
transition into your movements! I also find it’s very forgiving when
bouncing around in a truck trying to capture the shot…. I feel it’s noteworthy
to mention tripod mode! It’s a preset that maxes the drone out
at a very slow speed and it is ideal for getting really close to your subject!
Moving on, let’s get into the “follow me mode.”
Not a big fan of these, unless you were by yourself!…. You are the pilot in command
of the aircraft, so fly the thing! Your footage will turn out so much better
with the creative angles obtained by actually flying the drone!… Like I said
follow me mode is great for when you’re by yourself and don’t have someone to
drive while you fly in sparsely populated areas! So there’s no shortage
of accessories out for drones ahh…. I’m gonna touch on two of them that I think are
very crucial and very fundamentally basic! First up, your SD card! If you’re
going through all this effort to capture beautiful, cinematic content, you want to
store it on quality media or all that effort is for not!
Plain and simple! Next up, I have to recommend these polar Pro filters! They
make it for all different cameras on the drones and…Think of them like a set of
sunglasses! It takes the edge off and levels you up once again!…. Well, now that
your footage does not suck anymore, let’s share a little bit about a platform
called ahh…Show us a little social love if you like what I’m sharing
here…. Use our referral code(JP7DUMD3) because every little bit helps when you’re out here
trying to fulfill your dreams! So… The end of 2018 is when we entered the stock
footage industry! I’ve wanted to do it for years! But the thought of just going
through all the clips, trimming them up… Uploading them to multiple agencies, it
was just too overwhelming! Then I heard about this platform called black box
global…. And what they do is they’re essentially a middle person…. But they get
the content from you, you upload it in one place and they distribute it! At this
time I believe it’s a up to five agencies can list your footage!
So it’s a very leveraged move! And we are all about leverage! Another thing that I
really…You know, had to have “Help!” Because part of our journey we realized
that collaboration and partnerships are the key to success! And I never could
have done this alone without an amazing team of curators! But what’s a curator? A
curator is someone who for 20% will take your footage and tip, tail, trim into
clips that are worthy of being posted on stock sites! And they’ll also do some
mild colour grading… Then for another 20%… There’s the other part of the process
which is actually uploading the footage to black box, doing the metadata, the
descripting and all that stuff! Both very… Very important steps! And for 40%,
we paid curators to help us get our footage online! So I spent like literally
the gosh!! Pretty much the entire holiday season of 2018 starting at like
Thanksgiving….Dedicated to mining our hard drives or footage! We have a bunch
of these things! And there’s awesomeness on there. And it’s been doing absolutely
nothing!! But I spent 60, 80 hours for six weeks just getting those things and then
getting it uploaded to the cloud… So I could send out projects to the curation
team. And that curation team really helped us leverage our efforts. Because
in that period around the holidays, I’ve really busted my tail when everybody
else was working really hard! We got about 1200 Clips online in about
six weeks! And that right there, is a good first step to establishing our presence
in the stock footage industry! One thing you need to keep in mind if you’re gonna
be working with curators, is that your footage has to be hot! They are not gonna
work on junk footage and the agencies will reject junk footage! I’ve reserved
creating this review video of sorts for black box until we’ve established a good
solid proof of concept. And I feel that it’s to that point where we have solid
proof of concept! Because we’re now earning passive income off of footage
that has been doing absolutely nothing but sitting on our hard drives! So here’s
my dashboard on the back office of
It takes about 30 to 90 days for your footage to start being picked up by the
algorithm…. And most of ours went online in January because there was a gap from
the agencies for the holidays! So you can see we’re in $25.00 in February
66 March, 96 April, 147 in March… Took a dip in June at 106 and so far 12 days
into July we’re at $112… And you’re wondering like; “Gee!
How much do you make off of each clip?” Well that really varies because the
percentages… Because if somebody does 20 percent curation, 40 percent creation or
does everything themselves… But as you can see… $16, $14, 55, 13, 12, 11, 6 cents guys!
That’s a referral kickback from black box…
Hey! It’s not much! But when you’re out here trying to follow your dreams, every
little bit counts! But yeah.. That’s what I have going on in black box and we are
very, very happy! And if you want to learn more just see the video description for
a link…. Just like with most things in life and business, stock footage is
purely a numbers game! They say you need about 500 clips online, before you start
seeing regular sales. As of today, we are like fourteen hundred and sixty-seven…
Probably have about another 110 hundred and twenty out for curation right now….
Testing the waters because I’ve noticed a pattern of one style of clip selling…
So I went into the hard drives and grabbed a bunch more of that type of
footage, just to test the waters! It’s called A/B testing. We’re very happy with
black box also because it is truly passive income. And that’s a very big
component to being successful and having the ability to follow your dreams!
But passive income is a one-time effort repeated dividends… And we uploaded that
footage once, it’s done! This is like the jelly of the Month Club!
It just keeps giving guys! Very, very excited! So… That’s a wrap! Make
sure you check the video description for links to any of the things that I’ve
mentioned. Head on over to our website.. for more resources,
education and engagement! Hit that SUBSCRIBE button and we will see you on
the next one!…A lot of help you were executive producer.. You slept through the
entire video!

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