your friends from high school who fell for pyramid schemes

-Hey, girlie
-Hey, guy! Whatcha been up to? I got a great opportunity just for you! How’d you like to make $80,000 a year? Selling top-tier products from your home right here! -How’s it work?
-Let me tell you! First I sell you lots of crap Now your ass is on the line to push the products in your lap Well that’s great, cos on Facebook I have 700 friends You can spam ’em all with messages until your friendship ends! LuLaRoe And Younique Mary Kay up on these cheeks You’ll be drinking so much Herbalife you’re gonna shit for weeks! Hey you guys, buy some knives, now your debt is on the rise And you’re sleeping on the couch so that your wife won’t hear you cry! Remember back in high school when I thought I was so smart? I can’t believe we feel for this, our lives are torn apart Not feelin’ like a boss, babe Not seeing any perks Not sure why people fall for this, the system never works -Maybe if I sell my car, I cou-
-You gotta stop. subscribe or something lol

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100 Responses

  1. jennifer sanchez says:


  2. NixStellaNova _ says:

    Lol some girl I barely liked in high-school barely talked to me for a year then out of nowhere started trying to “help me out” by trying to get me a job with CutCo and she gave them my number and everything without asking me.

  3. copy paste says:

    Some dumb government dude tried to sell me platincoin lol.

  4. BoomStick says:

    Essential oils gang where you at

  5. Birdie94 says:

    literally all of my extended fam and friends

  6. Danny B says:

    Idk what a pyramid scheme is & at this point I'm too afraid to ask

  7. Brandon Bresee says:

    i posted this on facebook and none of my friends liked it…

  8. Tjeckleburgseyes says:

    okay at least someone must have noticed that the song sounds like a rip off of the sex offender shuffle 😀

  9. SweetWheatsy says:

    Wait… The melody's basically that Jackson Five-thing, innit? The one-two-three one.

  10. Fisher Carter says:

    Why is the bassline Jackson 5?

  11. Bjarku says:

    Damn you have an incredibly pretty girlfriend Gus.

  12. Joel Kennedy says:

    This gives me some strange 'Don't hug me I'm scared' vibes I can't stop playing it

  13. Doomer K Kid says:

    Relationship goals

  14. I am the beast I worship. says:

    my mom actually did shit with lularoe and younique so fuck

  15. Joel says:

    Two friends tried to get me to join and got mad when I wasn't interested.

  16. Gwendolin1 says:

    I’m thankful for all of these pyramid scheme videos to keep me, a high schooler, in line after graduation. Thank you goofy boy for your PSAs.

  17. says:

    I literally got an ad for an mlm before this

  18. Carlos Gutierrez says:

    is it just me, or is Sabrina's the cutest girl I've ever seen

  19. Bryan Mabini says:

    Yea this happened to me recently, I got referred from a friend to work with Cutco vector. Bruh shadiest interview ever. Base pay is 18 dollars but like only if you have appointments with clients, there’s a lot more to it but I’m glad I never came back

  20. Joey Eristhee says:

    the background music is giving some strong ‘i want you back’ vibes

  21. Joshua says:

    Aww you missed Rodan and Fields and they are one of the worst.

  22. Shanti Cardoza says:


  23. Robert Beauchamp says:


  24. Sonja Ra says:

    Love you dude and no I ain't selling herbalife but eat it and honestly really good stuff if you want effective products to support exercising and and staying healthy

  25. Snowmanbutternips says:


  26. ميم says:

    my ex believed he could be rich from this shit lol

  27. G Roland says:

    yes but nothing much.

  28. Alkeryn says:

    IT'S F R E E R E A L E S T A T E

  29. Andrew Pepper says:

    I had a friend you fell for this…sad

  30. memo boy says:

    me mam

  31. Yuki _ says:

    My grandma, and then i tell her "i dont think thats real" or "i dont think thats correct" she gets all defensive and claims its totally reputable while giving me the least reputable sources

  32. Red Overdrive, the unstoppable confused daltonic!! says:

    same people: "WHY THEY SELL THIS GARBAGE ON TV?? nobody will buy that…"
    same people: "if i grow claws on my hands i can tear doors down to convince ppl better to buy my crop"

  33. moon says:

    I want to see this animated

  34. Pete Miffle says:

    Almost broke up with my now wife back when we were dating over Amway. She was spending $700 a month on vitamins and individual bags of organic popcorn and shitty energy drinks. Never made a dime. No matter what I show her or explain to her, to this day she still claims she would've been rich eventually if I hadn't made her quit. She's lucky I can't do any better than her or else I'd do better. Having Miffle as a last name is a tough sell though…

  35. David Amato says:

    I accidentally had 1.25 speed on and I was struggling to keep up

  36. GaLoS says:

    Is it just me or is she horribly cute?

  37. Cecily Crasto says:

    No one is talking about what a cutie Gus was in highschool so now I am

  38. Ale Pippia says:

    I got an ad for a ponzi scheme on this video.

  39. helix 2222 says:

    Bruh the first 2 seconds activated voice search on google like ok google or hey google would wtf

  40. Kenny says:

    They always led the conversation off with "This is not a scam."

  41. Gal Gagoat says:

    A girl from my high school messaged me to ask my address so she could send me an invitation to her wedding, asked me to buy from her mlm, and then never sent me a wedding invite

  42. Spencer Ericksen says:

    I see the humor in it and it’s really well done but this video made me feel anxious

  43. Booty Loops says:

    Are they dating?

  44. chrisserrific says:

    My summer started with my mom cashing a twenty dollar settlement check from Herbalife, and my dad announcing that he'd started a business… the business was basically a hypermasculine version of Herbalife. I went home for a visit, and wound up getting pitched, and then my cousin came down from Ohio, and, despite it being pretty uncouth to pitch a pyramid scheme to the niece you haven't seen in eighteen years, well, my cousin got to listen to an hour long pitch. I'm not going to say the products don't work, but I will say that I'd much rather just go to GNC, and buy them, rather than get stuck in the shitty loop that I've seen my parents reliving every five years since the early nineties.

  45. Pumpkinoc says:

    What’s the song in the background?

  46. TheStarsLookSoNice 15 says:

    You forgot the part where the customer flared up in rashes immediately after using shitty, low-quality makeup products.

  47. Mary ann E says:

    Who hasn’t fell for a pyramid scheme

  48. mercy ogbee says:

    Are you guys a real couple ?

  49. Kenleigh Dickey says:

    this happened to my mom. I told her it’s a scam but “it’s her friend from high school who would never lie”

  50. Evan Dempsey says:

    I never noticed that the background music was I Want You Back.

  51. douglas jardine says:

    Hahahaha I love this because desperate people sicken me and now we are all desperate and sad together in the fish bowl bahahahahahaa yes!!

  52. Camdenro says:

    One of my best childhood friends started working for Cut Co after high school. Messaged everybody on facebook. Was calling my mom at work trying to get her to give him names of all the people she works with. Hes pretty much been vilified by most people. Still messages me asking if I want a job.

  53. Dion Bridger says:

    Addicted to this

  54. Edwin Zúñiga says:

    P…R…I…M…E… someone finish it for me

  55. Zain Alabedien says:

    0:06 that says enough about how much money these “friends” make out of their pyramid job

  56. Bill Polychronidis says:

    enter steve jobs quote here

  57. Dr. Zues says:

    So about a year after graduating high school I find out that like 7 people I’d gone to high school with had fallen in a pyramid scheme and they where trying to get one of my friends in on it too

  58. Squatted Cherokee says:

    God I haven’t even been in college for a month and some old friends are trying to get me into these pyramid schemes ?

  59. TotalBogie says:


  60. lauryn cliff says:

    Playing it in .75 speed makes it sound so depressing

  61. 0202 pmurT says:

    I love going back to my hometown and seeing all the fucking losers who never left, still look the same, same car, go to the same house to get wasted every day. One actually said to me, “wow where have you been man, we thought you were dead.” “No, just moved on with life and moved out my parents house. But you guys sure look dead like this dead end town.” Never went back after that haHA

  62. Hopeful Hyena says:

    My friend fell for this and offered me a job. I was excited because I was looking for one. Then I looked up the company online. Yep. That’s a pyramid scheme. I wish I could remember the company, but it was knife selling.

    I did end up getting a real job that summer, so it was ok. I kinda feel bad for my friend though.

  63. R Y says:

    are you 2 husband and wife?

  64. DeenanTheKemon I says:

    When the Fame disappears.. so does the girl.

    remember that, my friend

  65. Rohith Kumar says:

    herbal life is a GRADE A SCAM

  66. Aldiggty says:

    These are very young looking 50 year olds

  67. paltryblather says:

    i like her nose

  68. Growsomestrawbs says:

    why is this like a universal experience lmao

  69. RT note says:

    I like the Colabs

  70. Mariah The Sloth Queen says:


  71. Geo Dude says:

    Have you ever heard the term “cash flow”?

  72. Hemanth kamana says:

    Wait a minute…

    I just realized that school fundraisers where u sell random stuff is just a glorified pyramid scheme.

  73. Old Man with the Pale Eye and the Screaming Ear says:

    Shut up! Pyramid schemes are GREAT! I'm in one right now and I haven't made money yet, but I work VERY hard and I know I will soon make more money than you! 🙁

  74. Mathias Black says:


  75. JHT Gaming says:

    For someone like me who been part of the scheme before, I can say it is very accurate ?

  76. Donald Millard says:

    B A R S

  77. BATTIS94 says:

    Oh, this reminds me of oldschool youtube. 5 stars for you.

  78. Michael Palmer says:

    Lol love the bdg vibe

  79. bwill123 says:

    Hey, I have a great opportunity for you! Get your friends to give you 5 dollar's and give it to me… ?

  80. Br Ramesh says:

    I don't understood why pyramid schemes get such a bad rap. Pyramid schemes do work out for you. You just need to be high enough up that pyramid. It's lower down the pyramid that the crunch takes over. But then even those folks knew what they were getting into. They just hoped they were still high enough up that pyramid that they could pass down the eventual crunch to others. It's just like a lottery except you get to make a more educated guess of your chances of winning(by polling your potential buyers before you buy into the scheme yourself) If you are okay with the lottery, you should be okay with this.

  81. Batzu-chu Red says:

    The dislikes are from people who failed at mary kae. ??

  82. My wifes son says:

    This one guy i use to go to school with talks about “the plan” and all this BS, with his meetings and other con artists lol. Its kinda cringey

  83. non sequitur says:

    one eye is light blue one eye is dark blue

  84. Holo Scope says:

    If I'm only 16 and I know what a pyramid scheme is how do these 20 year olds get caught up in this stuff lol

  85. Sayem says:

    Are you Tired of working as a wage slave?

  86. Klep Trep says:

    but you're not even showing pyramid?

  87. Pocol Sergiu says:

    Global Intergold in my experience. So many friends fell dor that shit…. still funny to this day

  88. Eat Dirt says:

    The ending tho?

  89. Sean says:

    I don't think you know what a pyramid scheme is. There's no product in a pyramid scheme, just pushing money up, it's a true scam.

  90. Mack Eli Everette says:

    Gonna be honest I joined Younique because I liked their product but I never approached anyone or sold anything and only bought makeup for myself because it deposited like 15% back into my account each time. So I basically had a 15% discount.

  91. sAMA SAMA says:

    Hey honey I fired my boss!!

  92. Noggin Fodder says:

    There’s a 19 year old girl in my town who’s one of the most stunning individuals I have ever seen. Her body is absolutely ridiculous, and she uses it to sell Herbalife to 300lb girls trying to make changes for the better.

    She doesn’t just sell it on Facebook. She has a store. It’s the fucking apple stores of Herbalife/smoothie places in general. She is making an absolute killing. It makes me sad.

    It’s more jealousy than anything, but whatever. I wanna sell bullshit to people for huge profits too 🙁

  93. Rahul Gaikwad says:

    Awesome…..why isn't this on billboard top 100 ?

  94. Graham Hardie says:

    Tfw I almost fell into a pyramid scheme a few months ago

  95. Civilized says:

    Why was this nonironic fire

  96. Express yourself says:

    There was a burnout who rented a basement suite by my high school and he pushed Herbalife and exchanged cigarettes for favours from high school girls.

  97. Cherry Hunting Kakyoin says:

    I’ve actually seen a couple who literally drives a Herbalife van and I think they were also caught up in a pyramid scheme tbh

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